Flat Roof Repair


The roof of your home provides shelter for you and your family. This makes it potentially very distressing to develop a roof leak. Apart from its function of providing protection, roofs serve another essential function, which is to support components of various housing and building systems. These include gutters, solar panels, skylights, satellite dishes, radio antennas, lightening rods, air-conditioning units, fans and so on. This can add up to a lot of weight and a roof must be solid and strong to support all this. When something goes wrong with your roof, you’re going to need the best Santa Rosa, CA flat roof repair.

Flat roofs are rather common in places like Santa Rosa, and while it is true that these roofs generally tend to work well, you will need to do frequent inspection and maintenance on them. Flat roof repair and maintenance is generally easy, as most types of damage have early warning signs and can be dealt with if spotted early enough. As most flat roofs are made of asphalt, rubber, PVC, or another synthetic material, they are often easy to fix using adhesive patches.

If you have already developed a serious leak, you will likely be looking for the best Santa Rosa flat roof specialists or Santa Rosa flat roof repair companies in Santa Rosa, CA. Before you go hiring just any company or contractor just yet, here’s a bit of information you might find useful. If you don’t know the type of damage your flat roof has incurred, however, you might not know what companies are the best for you.

Here are some of the most common flat roof damages:
• Ponding water
• Roof surface deterioration
• Seam separation
• Rips/tears/punctures
• Loose fasteners or improper adhesion
• Accumulated debris or vegetation growth
• Flat roof leaks

In most cases, your flat roof repair needs will fall into one of these three categories:

Temporary flat roof repair

A short-term or temporary flat roof repair will generally be easy, quick and affordable. You can use this sort of repair work if you have caught the damage in time. You could also use this sort of flat roof leak repair as a stop-gap to keep the initial leak from ruining your valuables or buy you some time to save or consider which contractor is the best for you.

Permanent flat roof repair

This sort of roof repair will generally be quite extensive and should have long-lasting effects. Usually, permanent roof repair is only necessary when you have emergency leaks or in cases where the old roof is just generally worn out. This type of repair tends to be expensive but may be necessary at least once in the lifetime of a home.

Roof replacement

In certain cases, roof repair is just not a good idea. This will usually be because the signs of damage were ignored until the damage to the roof became irreversible and so widespread. This sort of damage can also occur as a result of the roof being made from inferior quality materials, and will require whole-scale replacement.
With flat roofs as with any other type of roof, proper and regular maintenance can save you a lot of trouble. Here are some sure steps you save you from having to splurge on flat roof repair in Santa Rosa, CA:

1. Use only high-quality materials
Low-cost roofing materials are almost certain to develop problems that will require frequent or extensive repairs in the future. You should hire only a reputable roofing inspection and repair company to handle the installation of your roof right from the construction.

2. Consider using underlayment
Underlayment is a waterproof layer added over the top of plywood, and under shingles in order to provide extra protection against leaks.

3. Regular roof sealing
Regularly re-sealing your roof is another way to prevent leaks. Sealing is optional for sloped roofs but essential for flat roofs, as they tend to collect water.

4. Basic maintenance
This one simply involves basic tasks such as frequent cleaning and inspection. As flat roofs are easier to walk on that sloped roofs, frequent inspection and maintenance is easier and will help prevent long term damage.

Regular maintenance tasks include cleaning out any gutters at least twice a year, and certainly after any storms. If you have trees around your home, close enough to drop leaves and twigs onto your roof, you may need to clean your gutters more regularly.

5. Professional maintenance
While doing some inspection and maintenance yourself is not a bad idea, you should know that you could actually cause punctures or shingle displacement yourself if you do not know what you’re doing. The best practice would be to have a scheduled bi-annual inspection carried out by professional residential flat roofing contractors as they have just the expertise to help keep your home safe.


How do I find a flat roof specialist near me?

Having discovered that you need a roof repair, the next thing you’re most likely to do is to search for the best flat roofing contractors. You need not look any further, as we are a team of highly experienced flat roof specialists with operations in your local area.

How much does Santa Rosa flat roof repair cost?

Promptly addressing any warning signs of damage will save you a lot of money down the line. Good maintenance will also help prevent most types of damage. Having experienced some damage already, however, the cost of repairs will generally range depending on the severity of damage you have.

More extensive damage will be harder to predict and will depend on a number of factors. But less extensive damage might cost between $300 and $500 depending on the contractor in Santa Rosa, CA.​