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Santa Rosa Roof Inspection and Certification

No one wants to pay attention to the roof of their home or commercial property – until a problems occur. Puddles on the floors, a stains along the ceilings, or a hole in the roof caused by worn roofing or wind-blown debris are typically the first signs of trouble that you see. Often the damage has already been done.

Each and every one of our roof inspectors and contractors in California are trained to perform inspections and issue Roof Certifications, as well as being certified for all residential and commercial roofs in Santa Rosa.

Our Roof Inspection is the Premium Standard

We offer our professional roof inspection, certification, for French Camp, Lathrop, Discovery Bay, Manteca, Byron, Tracy, Knightsen, Brentwood, Bethel Island, Oakley, Ripon, Woodbridge, and all surrounding cities.

What makes Our Roof Inspection service in Santa Rosa different?

The #1 problem found during home inspections in Santa Rosa is the Roof. Over 87% of roofs inspected need some sort of repair. A leaky roof can end up costing thousands of dollars in unforeseen damage. We maximize roof life by using our Roof inspection process for inspecting the roof.

Throughout the entire inspection process, our roof inspectors will document and photograph any evidence of areas that are leaking right now, or that are likely to leak in the future. After any and all photos have been taken and the roof has been fully inspected, the inspector puts together a thoroughly written inspection report within 24 hours, that includes photographs, areas that are causing problems, ways to correct these problems, and price estimates that can help you when you try to sell, to finance, or to insure your home.

All of our Santa Rosa roof inspections include the detail and professional opinion (typically missing from home inspection reports) that is needed by mortgage lenders, homeowners insurance adjusters and roof riders on home warranty insurance policies.