Tile Roof Repair


Tile Roofs are a fairly common choice for homeowners around the country. They have a distinctive look which reflects a unique taste as well as being quite durable. With proper installation and care, a good tile roof should last for at least 50-70 years at the minimum. However, with poor installation or neglect, your tile roof may develop a leak or need some repairs. When this happens, you have two choices: you may choose to attempt to fix it on your own, or you could seek out the best company for Santa Rosa, CA tile roof repair. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional service to take care of your tile roof leak repair, tile roof repairs will be generally expensive, but good maintenance will help prevent tile roof leaks. 

Benefits of Tile Roofs

The traditional method of making tile roofs involved the use of clay. However, more and more different types of material are being used in recent times. Here are some of the advantages this brings:

1. Fireproof
Unlike wood and other types of roofing material, tile roofs are almost completely immune to fires. This means that even if some fire should occur, you won’t have to worry too much about an expensive reconstruction.

2. Weatherproof
Tile roofs are also exceptionally weather resistant. With other types of roofs, you are almost certain to find some mild-moderate or even severe damage during or after winter but tile roofs tend to withstand harsh weather just fine.

3. Aesthetic appeal
Tile roofs have a distinctive look that appeals to a lot of homeowners. As they come in a variety of colors nowadays, you will have quite a few styling options.

4. Durability
Tile roofs are among the most durable roofing materials available. With some other types of roofing materials, you might have to undergo a complete renovation or replacement every 15-20 years, but tile roofs have an average life span of 50-70 years or even longer, with good care.

Disadvantages of Tile Roofs

Having noted the benefits of tile roofs, you should note their disadvantages.
1. Cost 
Tile roofs and significantly more expensive to install than most other types of roofs. Not only are tiles expensive, but they require additional structural support. If you are looking for something more affordable, then tile roofs may not be the best option on the table.
2. Technically difficult to repair 
As noted, a properly installed tile roof will be durable and hardly sustain any major damage. However, if damage does occur, tile roofs can be tricky to work on. This is because their brittle nature means that they break easily when stepped on. If you need a tile roof repair job, it would be a good idea to hire only the best Santa Rosa, CA tile roof repair service. 

Tile roof maintenance tips

Good maintenance will help prevent the need for serious repairs. Here are a few tips to follow:
1. Trim any nearby trees
While tiles are resistant to fire, rain, extreme heat and extreme cold, they are not resistant to blunt force. If you exert enough pressure on them, they may break due to their brittle nature. If you have any trees around your house, and touching your roof, you should trim these regularly. This is because tree branches tend to scrape on roofs, and may strike the roof violently, in the event of a storm.
2.   Spring Inspections.  
Spring is a good time to spot any damage that may have occurred to your tile roof. You can do this yourself by scanning your roof with a pair of binoculars, observing from ground level. You shouldn’t get up on your roof by yourself. You may also hire the best Fresno, CA tile roof repair service to help carry out your tile roof inspection. A professional tile roofing service will be able to spot issues that you may miss so this would be a good investment in the longevity of your tile roof. 
3. Clear algae or moss 
One problem with tiles is that they provide a very conducive growth environment for algae. Thankfully, algae are easy to clean off a tile roof. Simply use a low-pressure washer and some detergent to wash off algae from your tile roof.
4. Clean out your gutters 
Clogged gutters can be a source of debris that may cause water accumulation. Water accumulation may eventually lead to leaking. If you follow our advice to regularly trim any nearby trees however, this should not be a significant issue, as most of the debris that gets lodged in gutters comes from nearby trees.


How much does Tile roof repair cost? 

Tile roofs are more expensive both to install and repair, then most other types of roofs. Depending on the extent of damage, a tile roof repair might cost between $400 and $8,000.