Wood Shake Roof Repair


Wood shake roof systems, also known as cedar roofs, are known for their longevity, performance, and beauty, making them a popular choice for homeowners in Fresno, CA. Wood shake roof leaks are not an uncommon problem, and if you are experiencing one now, you are probably not alone. The good news is that Fresno wood shake repair is relatively easy to find and generally affordable. However, if you would rather do it yourself, we will show you how to get that done.

If you do not yet have any major leaks or noticeable damage to your wood shake roof, good maintenance is the way to go. Typically, a wood shake roof will last about 20 years, and some of the heavier wood shake types can even last as long as 30 years or more. With proper maintenance, the lifespan of your wood shake roof can be extended, without the need for an expensive roof replacement.​

Why Continual Repair & Maintenance Is Required

Naturally, wood attracts water to its surface and every time it rains the wood will swell. When it dries the wood will shrink. After a couple of times of this happening the shakes can split. The sun will gradually burn through the shake leaving the felt underlayment or interlayment exposed. Typically, a wood shake repair will consist of replacing badly broken or split shakes and installing wood shims in the key ways to protect the exposed felt.

As has been previously stated, making sure to keep debris off the roof is crucial to prevent blockage and water collection that may lead to leaks. If your wood shake roof is continually inspected, maintained, and repaired, you can improve its lifespan. Here are some basic tips for good cedar shake roof maintenance:

1. Trim overhanging branches
If you have trees close enough to your house to drone pine needles or leaves on your roof, be sure to trim them regularly. Tree droppings such as leaves and pine needles can trap moisture which may cause the growth of algae and moss, which will weaken your wood shakes.

2. Ventilate the attic adequately
Moisture should generally be avoided in or around your wood shake roof. This means ensuring that your attic stays well ventilated throughout the year.

3. Install strips of zinc or copper as ridge caps
When it rains, water will react with the copper or zinc to create a solution that makes it harder for things like moss, mold, etc. to grow. If you notice any moss or mold, scrape them off and scrub the shakes with a solution of 1-quart household bleach, 1-ounce detergent, and 3 quarts of warm water.

DIY Wood Shake Shingle Repair

It is not always necessary to call in a professional contractor to take care of your wood shake shingle repair. With more minor types of damage, you may be able to effectively repair your wood shakes without much difficulty, especially if you follow this simple guide. A word of caution, however: if you do not know what you are doing, you may do more damage to your roof. Also, working on roofs is dangerous work, and not everyone should attempt it. If you have the skill and experience to attempt a DIY job, however, then read on.

Before you get started:
Accessing your roof safely should be the priority. In order to complete an effective repair to your shake roof system, you must safely gain access to the area of the roof where the repair needs to be made using a chicken ladder. Wood shake roofs also require specialized tools and equipment to complete the required project correctly. The better tools you have, the better the quality of your repair work. A list of the necessary tools includes:

● Hammer
● Chisel
● Hacksaw
● Electrical tape
● Tape measure
● Replacement shingles or shakes
● Galvanized roofing nails
● Coping saw
● Vise
● Nail set
● Caulking compound

Step 1. Split damaged shakes
Use the hammer and chisel to split the damaged shake into two. Taking care not to damage the surrounding shakes, extract the split pieces of the damaged shake. Shakes are generally not flexible so you will not be able to pry the nails out of them. Instead, you will have to use a hacksaw to cut off the nail heads as far down as possible.

Step 2. Measure the gap
Once you have extracted the damaged shake, measure the gap that is left, and cut a new shake measuring approximately three-eighths of an inch short than the gap. This is because the new shake will swell once it comes in contact with water.

Step 3: Install a new shake.
Insert the new shake. Using galvanized nails, nail the new shake down in two places.

Step 4: Set the nail heads and apply the caulking compound to seal them.


How much does it cost to repair wood shake roofs?

Professional wood shake repair might cost about $60 per hour but may vary depending on the specifics of the job. Some of the factors that affect the cost of your wood shingle repair job include the square footage and pitch of the roof, complexity, type of material, and your home’s geographic location.​

How to find the best cedar roof repair service near me?

You already have! We are a highly experienced team of Fresno wood shake repair specialists, ready to provide the best Santa Rosa, CA wood shake roof repair service just one call away.​